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2022 Berkshire Big Adventure
May 21-22, 2022

An AMA National Adventure Ride

2 Day Explorer Ride 5/21-5/22, 2022
2 Day Berkshire Big Adventure (BBA) 5/21-5/22, 2022
1 Day Hard Adventure Ride 5/22, 2022

Registration opens March 25, 2022

Follow the 2022 BBA thread on for the latest updates and questions/answers

Start Location
82 Fritz Rd., Colebrook, CT

Gates Open Friday May 21 1:00PM, 2022
Come early and ride on property trails
Check-in at dining hall
Friday and Saturday 5:00PM to 8:00PM
Saturday and Sunday 7:00AM to 9:15AM
Field camping
Limited large RV parking without hookups

  • Bike and Rider Requirements

Electronic Registration ONLY
Sign AMA Electronic Waiver at registration
Provide AMA Membership number at registration

All bikes must be plated, insured have working head light and tail light
All riders must have a valid motorcycle license
Massachusetts residents require Mass OHV registration
Fresh Knobby tires for BBA and Hard Adventure rides

Riders Meetings 8:15
Last Rider Out 9:45

Approach is a quiet residential neighborhood, so please go slow, smile and wave to locals, and stay off the pipe. 

BBA Ride Summaries

Explorer Route – Saturday and Sunday
A different 180ish mile scenic loop each day. A more relaxed ride over paved and maintained dirt roads with no significant challenges.

Big Bike Adventure Routes (BBA) – Saturday and Sunday
The BBA is a challenging ADV ride that will test man and machine. Both days start with a couple miles of Hero-I (H-I) and ends with a one mile section of Hero II (H-II) that gives you a taste of a typical BBA. The main route will have fewer hero sections than in past years, but it is the BBA after all… H-III’s and above will be identified and routed off the main track.

BBA Hard Adventure Ride – Sunday Only
If the idea of doing an Enduro style ride on a large bore, multi lunged beast excites you, you have come to the right place. The route is about 80 miles of continuous hero sections broken up with as few slab sections as possible and no marked bypasses. H-II to H-IV classic New England hard A** riding.

What to Expect
A wide variety of technical challenges from mild to wild
To be picking your bike up, at least once
GPS guided rides with optional hero sections
A warm dining hall to socialize and relax in
To seriously regret not putting on a fresh set of knobby
I mean seriously regret not doing it

Team Work Makes the Dream Work
We are again providing GPX (GPS eXchange format) to participants for navigation

We encourage rider teams of four, not to exceed eight, with at least one of those riders being GPS savvy

A Note About BBA Sweep Riders
As with past BBA’s, we have limited sweep crews to cover the 500+ miles per day, thus the emphasis on team work

Do not expect a sweep rider to show up and render assistance, that is what your team is for

Sweep riders are there to help prepared riders and bikes. They are not there to extract a bike with worn tires or poorly maintained bikes

Online Registration Opens March 26, 2021
$50 Per day to ride Saturday and Sunday ($65 after midnight 5/13)
$10 per person to camp/park vehicle for weekend

Food Included with Registration
Friday night Bar-B-Que
Saturday night dinner

Breakfast will be available each morning for $5 from the Local Boys Scouts

Food Available for Purchase Nearby
Colebrook Country Store (closes at 5PM), Noorbrook Farm Brewery, Knox Trail Inn and numerous restaurants in Winstead CT.

We recommend bringing gas to the start as there is none close by
Winstead CT, 10 miles south
East Otis, 20 miles north

Camping and dinner is at start location

2019 ADVRider Forum

2020 ADVRider Forum

Bobriwka Bike/Rider Code of Conduct
Bobrwika is looking forward to having us at the camp and as always is concerned about wet/sensitive areas and loud bikes.
  • Riders are required to use stock or quieter exhaust
  • If you know or think you have a loud bike, re-pack your silencer prior to the event
  • Ride slowly within the main camp area (Camp trails are fair game for brapping)
  • Fast, loud or aggressive riding in and around camp will not be tolerated
  • Damaging meadows or camp roads will not be tolerated
We plan on using this facility for years to come and need your help to make this happen

Massachusetts Residents

If you live in Mass, you are already aware of this…

“All Riders from Massachusetts Must have their OFF HIGHWAY Vehicle Registered”. We’re planing on the hero sections traveling on trails in Mass State Forests. Mass Environmental Police will exempt out of state riders for this event, but can not for Mass residents. 

New Reg Link:
(Since all bikes need to be street registered for the event, your registration is proof taxes have been paid.)

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Berkshire Big Adventure an AMA National Adventure Ride

BBA 2022


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